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Before we take you on a tour, let us tell you a little bit more about us, and how Offbeat Miami came to be.

How it all started


It all started with our founder Elise Goujon and her passion for New York. She loved taking her family and friends to secret places throughout the Big Apple, telling them about the city that never sleeps.

In 2013, she became an official licensed guide of the City of New York, and opened New York Off Road, giving off-the-beaten-path, laidback and fun tours to French speakers from all over the world.

Still on a mission to help French speakers discover American cities away from the confines of mass tourism, she opened Miami Off Road in 2017, and Los Angeles Off Road in 2019.

Elise Goujon, founder of Offbeat Miami, Offbeat LA and Offbeat NY, on a tour in NYC.


A reference in French tourism


Our tour guide and manager Heloise on an offbeat miami street art tour in Wynwood, showing a detail on a mural.


Now with a team of 15 guides over the 3 cities of New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, we have become a reference in French tourism, with partners such as Voyageurs du Monde, Cercle des Vacances or Worldia, prominent travel specialists in France.

Our constant professionalism and the high quality of our tours and services have earned us a badge of excellence from TripAdvisor, as soon as 2016.


Offbeat Miami


Seven years later, in 2020, it is time for our team to take on a new challenge and bring our expertise to worldwide travelers coming to New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Why? Because we feel that we bring a fresh perspective on cities that many people, including their inhabitants, think they know well. Overwhelmed by our day to day routine, we often overlook the treasures that surround us. Curious about a city  and region where they did not grow up, our guides are constantly looking for those treasures, and share their discoveries with first time visitors, travelers who want to dig deeper on a new trip, or locals who want to re-discover their hometown.

Family poing in front of a rooftop pool in South Beach during an Offbeat Miami Art Deco tour.


Bringing you the best in city tours and experiences

A family having fun on an anamorphic painting on a the pavement during an Offbeat Miami street art tour.



Our guides all have in common a passion for their adoptive cities, a love of travel and exploration, and extensive knowledge of the history of Miami.
Together with a friendly and laid back atmosphere, our tours are the highlight of your stay, bringing you insights on the various neighborhoods you will explore, but also anecdotes on local life, and tips on how to make you stay in the Magic City your best memory.


Want to discover offbeat Miami in a fun way? We can’t wait to meet you!


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