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Getting around in an unknown city can be a real headache. Fortunately, our Offbeat Miami guides are here to help! How do you get from one neighborhood to another, how do you get to our tours or go to the beach… you’ll know everything!

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From the Airport

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To get to your hotel from the airport, the first thing that springs to mind is to take the famous yellow taxi. Pros: you wait for them at a kiosk that clearly displays prices according to your destination and they accept bank cards.

Think about using the various apps like Uber and Lyft, as they are cheaper than taxis. International accounts often work in Florida!

There are also special shuttle buses serving major hotels. You’ll have to wait a bit but it’ll get you there for a reasonable fee.

You can also use public transport. Follow the direction “MIA Mover to”. This monorail is free of charge and will take you to the station where you’ll find the transport and car rental companies. From there, you can take a bus to Miami Beach or the Metrorail to most other parts of Miami. ($2.25) To travel by public transport, you’ll need an EASY Card charged with enough money (otherwise, plan to top it up at a machine).

The Metromover: A city center monorail

The Metromover is free of charge and serves the neighborhoods of Brickell in the south, Downtown in the center and Omni in the north. These three zones lend their names to the monorail’s three loops: Brickell Loop, Omni Loop and Inner Loop for Downtown.

The Metromover has breathtaking views of the city, the river and the Bay. It’s also an usual way to explore the city and experience the life of a Miami local.

If you’re planning to go to a Miami Heat game at the Arena or to Bayfront Park on New Year’s Day, it’s often easier to park outside Downtown or get dropped off near a Metromover station and continue on to the Freedom Tower station (Omni loop).

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The Metrorail, Flying Southwards

The Metrorail is also a monorail but it runs from the southern suburbs to the airport west of the city center. Affordable ($2.25 per trip) and fast, it takes you  to Coconut Grove from the city center via a station dedicated to the Villa Vizcaya. It’s less than a mile to the villa. To get to the center of Coconut Grove from Villa Vizcaya, you can rent bikes at CityBike right across the street or take a trolleybus.

You’re also able to get to the airport from the city center but be careful not to jump on the wrong line. The South is served by both lines but only the Orange Line goes to the airport. Rush hour at the end of the day or on Fridays can sometimes work if prefer this option over a taxi, but it depends on the size of your luggage. Check the travel times in Google Maps by choosing the car or public transport option.

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Buses and Trolleys

The trolley is also free of charge. This adorable means of transport was launched a few years ago and is styled after the old streetcars:  Wooden seats, requesting to stop by pulling a cable… It has everything. These small buses serve several neighborhoods in Miami, Miami Beach and the surrounding area. Still plagued by traffic, they are most practical to get around in the less congested area of Miami Beach where it serves all the tourist areas on the Miami side. It’s a fun way to ride around if you’re not in a hurry and if you’re avoiding rush hour. Be aware that it doesn’t connect the two cities.

Buses are not recommended as they’re often late and sometimes not as regular as they should be. The only lines you can use with peace of mind are line 120, linking Miami Center to Miami Beach and the seaside towns, and line 150 linking the airport to the Miami Beach hotels.

Both these lines have bike racks at the front of them making it very handy if you’re going for a ride.

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By Bike

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To explore a different side of Miami Beach , follow our guides on a bike tour in South Beach!

If you’re a cycling fan and want to explore the city at your own pace, you’ll need to bear in mind distances and weather. In summer, plan to travel early in the morning and late in the day to avoid the heat of the sun. Also remember that the rain showers move in fast, even if they are impressive.

You’ll find stations for CityBike (public rentals) all over the city. Most major hotels in Miami Beach have some bikes available for their guests. Remember to check the travel time on apps such as GoogleMaps. The city’s a lot bigger than it looks…

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By car

Who hasn’t dreamed of renting a beautiful convertible and driving down Ocean Drive, or even better, gazing at the Miami streets as you go by? Even if it is normally recommended to use Uber/Lyft to get around in Miami, renting a car is often more value for money if you’re with the family (no convertible then!).

It’s important to note that traffic in Miami can quickly become a nightmare at peak periods, especially in the midtown Miami area.

Also don’t forget that parking costs can quickly add up. Hotel valet parking costs between $10 and $70 and parking fees in the city range from single to double. A tip for parking in Miami Beach: Public parking lots are two to three times cheaper than street parking… In Miami, the streets are cheapest.

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