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Are you wondering when to visit Miami ? When is the best time to soak up the sun in Magic City? Because we know our tours of Miami are more fun in the sun, the team at Offbeat Miami tells you which time of year you should visit Florida!

The images of Florida’s heavenly beaches are no lie, it’s always summer in Miami.  But we can divide the year into two seasons in the southern Sunshine State, the wet season and the dry season


The dry season: the ideal time

The dry season runs from around mid-November to mid-May. Although there might be a few days of “cold weather” in January (around 54°F), this period remains very pleasant. The climate is dry with perfect temperatures (on average 68F in the morning and 81F in the afternoon), and the water temperature is still pleasant while mosquitoes are very rare! You should still carry a light sweater or jacket as temperatures can drop to around 63°F some nights.

So, you’ll see that the dry season is the ideal period to visit Miami. Even though this is best time for your trip, you won’t be alone to think so…

Offbeat Miami tours that are perfect during the dry season: Wynwood…which gets a makeover each December with new murals. Come meet artists and join in the fun! A biking tour of South Beach: the dry climate of winter in Florida is the best moment to exercise.

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Book a tour of Wynwood  Book a biking tour of South Beach


The wet season: not all bad

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This season spans both summer and fall. The mosquitoes return, temperatures go up and the humidity level pushes the mercury up to 104°F. Take frequent water breaks and do sports activities in the morning. Still, Americans are very happy to have air conditioning so you can always make a cool stop-off somewhere (an excellent excuse to do a little shopping).

The upside is that in June and September-October you’ll have the beach to yourself and can often find very competitive accommodation rates. This period has several pluses if you’re on a tight budget or like your peace and quiet.

Offbeat Miami tours that are perfect in the wet season : Coconut Grove and its shaded streets and parks will offer the cool you’e looking for. A walking tour of South Beach Art Deco is the perfect alternative to our cycling tour, with numerous pauses in iconic hotels


Book your historic tour of Coconut Grove Book your Art Deco tour of South Beach


Thunderstorms and downpours

Weather stations and some weather apps will warn you of incoming thunderstorms happening every day during the summer The main reason is the moisture that causes stormy weather. That doesn’t mean rain or thunderstorms happen on a daily basis, though.

Thunderstorms and downpours are impressive but highly localized and generally fairly short. These thunderstorms happen mostly in the afternoon and so are nicknamed “the 5pm Tstorm”. Most of the time they actually occur at night, so they’ll cause very little disruption to your trip. However, rain may set in for a few days and thunderstorms might cause flooding in some areas of Miami and Miami Beach.

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Hurricanes and tropical storms

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The hurricane and tropical storm season runs from June 1 to November 30. The risk reaches a peak around mid-September, however that doesn’t mean you’re safe before or after. Even if it’s a major risk in the wet season, the chances of a hurricane during your stay are not as high as you might think but it’s still best to stay informed.

In the event of a hurricane, hotels will inform their residents of any possible evacuations. If you have found private accommodation yourself, keep up to date via the weather channels and news, the County Special Emergency Site and your country’s consulate.

Don’t take any risks and follow local authorities’ instructions.

Tropical storms are less dangerous than hurricanes. However, they come with heavy rains and gusts of wind that can cause floods and damage. Some areas of the city might be evacuated out of precaution.

How do our tours work in this weather?

Our visits will continue in the case of light rain, so bring your umbrellas, raincoats and ponchos. Most major hotels lend umbrellas to their guests.

When severe thunderstorms are forecast for the day of your tour, we give you the option of postponing to another date during your stay if possible.

In the event of a hurricane/tropical storm, tours will go ahead as long as the area is not subject to a hurricane/tropical storm warning (36 hours before the hurricane) or no evacuation order has been put in place.

Don’t worry, we won’t go ahead with a tour that would prove dangerous for you and your party. In the case of a hurricane or tropical storm where our tours need to be canceled, we will give you a full refund.

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So which season will you choose?

Whenever you choose to go, our team is here to help you explore the Magic City!


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