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There are so many things to visit in Miami that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Here are our top must-see attractions for a first visit to Magic City and our advice so you don’t miss out on anything.

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Art Deco

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The Offbeat Miami tour that is perfect to learn about Art Deco: Miami Beach, the temple of Art Deco.

When you think of Miami, you think of South Beach and Art Deco.
These famous and colorful buildings can be seen all over the South Beach area. Hotels, public buildings, shops and private residences, there are more than 900 classified places to take in! To focus on what’s essential, walk along Collins Avenue’s hotels and shops and return to where you started out via the famous Ocean Drive. Explore the residential areas beyond Washington Avenue! Little known treasures are waiting for you there!

Our pick:

Return to Ocean Drive at night for the party atmosphere and to see the hotels decked out in thousands of colors.
Take a seat at a rooftop bar and admire the Atlantic Ocean far from the hustle and bustle while sipping on a cocktail.

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The Offbeat Miami tour that is perfect for exploring Wynwood: Wynwood, Open-Air Street Art Museum

Miami’s Temple of Street Art! Murals, galleries, bars and restaurants, the hipster atmosphere… Wynwood is THE place to be.. Art is all around you. Inside and outside, there’s an explosion of colors that will impress even the most jaded among you. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll find the key pieces at Wynwood Walls. But it’s away from these walls and in the neighborhood streets that you will find the most beautiful and surprising art works. If you’re a street art geek, definitely check out the Museum Of Graffiti, the latest addition in the neighborhood.

Our pick:

Go there on Sunday morning to catch it at the most quiet time.
the perfect souvenir in one of the neighborhood shops.

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South Beach

miami beach plage cabane de sauveteurs à miami south beach incontournables à miami blog miami off road

The Offbeat Miami tour that is perfect for exploring South Beach: Biking through South Beach

No stay in Miami is complete without a half a day (or more) at the beach. And of course, when we say beach, we mean South Beach. Don’t you like sunbathing? Drive along the seafront from South Pointe Park to the beautiful hotels further north. You can also rent a paddle board, work out in the open air, snap a photo of yourself in one of the beautiful lifeguard huts or sip a cocktail. There’s something for everyone!

Our pick:

Rent a deckchair and be waited on like a star while you soak up the sun.

The Everglades

Granted, it’s out of town. However, it’s still a must when staying in Miami. The Everglades Park is famous for its airboats as seen in the movies and TV shows.  There are several ways in with no road to connect them, so go the right way. To the south, follow the long road through the National Park to the tip of Florida and continue by boat ride or go on the many trails and hikes. To the north, rent a bike to ride the 15 mile Shark Valley road, stopping to take a look at the observation tower and its panoramic view. To the West, on your way to Naples, rent a boat and explore the Ten Thousand Islands.

Our pick:

A couple of miles west on the road to Naples, you’ll come across the Loop Road that will take you into the heart of the the Big Cypress Preserve.

evreglades que faire à miami incontournables à miami airboats blog miami off road

Credit Photo: miamiandbeaches.com

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

villa vizcaya john deering coconut grove que faire à miami incontournables à miami blog miami off road

A few minutes from downtown Miami and the Brickell’s financial district is the entrance to the Coconut Grove neighborhood where you’ll find the magnificent Vizcaya Museums and Gardens. This little folly was commissioned by billionaire John Deering who wanted an Italian Renaissance-style residence. The construction meant that a new road needed to be built and a large part of Miami’s population were employed to work on it. Since then it has become a museum and is sometimes used as a movie set, including  Iron Man 3. After visiting the house, take a walk in the sumptuous gardens and enjoy the view of Biscayne Bay.

Our pick:

Take advantage of the romantic atmosphere and arrange a photo shoot with your amour beside the bay.


Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

A tropical paradise you can’t miss out on! South of Coconut Grove, The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is a huge botanical garden spanning 34 hectares that has something for everyone. Shade and sun, flowers and trees, palm trees, cacti, waterfalls… the whole 9 yards. Kids can run around on the grass while parents take a rest on the benches. You can see turtles at the lake but watch out for crocodiles! It’s best to be careful even if they rarely seen.

Our pick:

Get a birds eye view of the park on the tramway tour.
Don’t miss the butterfly house and the tropical forest with its superb collection of orchids.

fairchild tropical botanical garden jardin botanique coral gables incontournables à miami que faire à miami jardin tropical serre aux papillons blog miami off road

Coconut Grove

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Credit photo: miamiandbeaches.co

Offbeat Miami tours that are perfect for exploring Coconut Grove:  our historic tour of Coconut Grove. 

A lot of people think this part of Miami is a town in its own right. Coconut Grove and its quaint little center, low-rise buildings and parks is a breath of fresh air far away from the hustle and bustle of Downtown and Miami Beach. Enjoy a good meal in front of the marina at Monty’sYou can relax in Kennedy Park or go shopping on CocoWalk. Come explore the neighborhood with us and we’ll let you in on all the secrets!

Our pick:

Take a tour of Barnacle Park, home to the oldest residence in Miami-Dade County.
Then drive down Main Highway and continue until you come to Old Cutler Road, which will take you to the 
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. This old road passes alongside sumptuous villas under the shade of the majestic banyan trees.


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Key Biscayne

This island is a haven of peace only 20 minutes from downtown Miami and houses the Village of Key Biscayne. You’ll find the most beautiful beach at Crandon Park. In this tiny bit of paradise you can put your feet up under the shade of the palm trees! The Village of Key Biscayne is in the very south of the island. Go through it and you’ll get to the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. Here you can stroll along the paths (in the shade of the forest or in the sun along the sea) and enjoy a piece of key lime pie in front of No Name Harbor marina.

Our pick:

Visit the Cape Florida Lighthouse. Although the climb in the Florida heat is exhausting, the spectacular view of the turquoise waters is well worth the effort!
Check out Crandon Park at low tide. North of the beach, a sandbank gives you a panoramic view of the island and South Pointe Park, the southern part of Miami Beach.

cape florida phare key biscayne bill bags cape florida state park plage incontournables à miami que faire à miami blog miami off road

An evening in Little Havana

little havana calle ocho salsa coq ball and chain cuba caliente incontournables à miami que faire à miami blog miami off road

Credit photo: miamiandbeaches.com

Nothing beats a night in Little Havana on the famous Calle Ocho! And it’s even better at the weekend! To truly experience the “caliente” sounds of Cuba, arrive in the late afternoon and watch the domino players, visit a cigar factory, then head straight into ambiance at night. After a traditional restaurant and an ice cream at Azucar, >go salsa dancing at the Ball and Chain. As a family, go in the late morning when the shops and restaurants are buzzing and the cock is still crowing.

Our pick:

Have a drink and listen to a concert at the Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center. The paintings hanging around you are all for sale!
With a 21+ crowd, head to Ball and Chain on a week-end for a night you’ll remember. With underage people, choose a restaurant with live music, and you’ll still get to enjoy the heat of Calle Ocho!


Design District

This neighborhood sprung up from nowhere and is a paradise for designers, architects and fashionistas alike. You’ll find the boutiques of some of the greatest couturiers and watchmakers, from Dior to Prada, to Jaeger-LeCoultre. Art-lovers can visit the Institute of Contemporary Art and many other galleries. Don’t miss out of the cute streets of Buenavista, one block from the glitz of Design District. This former village boasts with architectural gems and gardens.

Notre coup de cœur :

Arrive before 11am on weekends before the crowds so you can take the best photos.
Enjoy the sun on the swings at Palm Court.

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